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Before joining Avon know the facts…

March 13, 2010


Before you Join Avon Know the Facts.


Join the LEADER who can guide you and support you in learning faster.

Call Sachin 9004580740 to Become an avon sales representative FREE – Anywhere in India or call Anjani 9322265963

Join Rapid Success Team – The most professional and fast growing team in India.

You must learn before you earn!!!

Go thru the following articles on my blog in sequence :
1. The 2 opportunities –
2. Joining procedure –
3. How to place order –
4. How to earn more –
5. New Leaders incentive –
6. SELLING Tips –
7. My Avon Story –

Earn extra money by Becoming part of the world biggest direct selling beauty company?
Work the way you want in your free time with Avon Cosmetics!!

Become a Representative and sell by showing the Avon brochure to your friends or colleagues. Get your products @ discounted rates.

Join over 5 million independent women worldwide.

Earn money by selling high quality beauty products that are not available in shops.

Email us your address and get a free joining kit:




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